NORSAR Software Suite 2024 is a new release featuring new functionality, improvements and bug fixes.

General functions

  • Colour scale:
    • Scientific colour scales are available in 3D viewer
  • Welll log import:
    • Well path can be specified by inclination and azimuth down along the well
  • Workflow queue manager:
    • More workflow types can be queued, including Kirchhoff modelling and migration workflows.
  • Modelling project editor: 
    • Added a tab for setting preferred display unit for selected attributes 
  • Seismogram generation:
    • Offset is now included in the SEG-Y file trace header. 



  • Make elements:
    • Property import as SEG-Y: Improved explanation of how to change number of traces, etc. 
  • Build models: 
    • In Single reflector model builder, corrected wrong display when P/S-ratio was specified. 
    • In General model builder, corrected holes in properties made by interpolation between horizons. 
    • In General model builder, corrected the generation of properties by analytic functions when spatial units are not km.  
    • Fixed problem with a crash in general model builder on interface operations 
  • Survey: 
    • New survey type: Orthogonal survey. 
  • Kirchhoff migration workflow:  
    • Can now reuse the Greens’ function from the corresponding Kirchhoff modelling workflow.
  • Illumination Rays (IRAY): 
    • The results can be limited by areal filters in the shot and receiver domains. 
    • Fixed bug that exclusion filters were ignored 
    • Fixed bug that Shot-receiver azimuth filters, incident reflection angle filters, and departing reflection angle filters were ignored 
    • The Help is improved. 
    • In anisotropic models, now rays for all incident angles are computed; used to be just a half-circle. 
    • Fix crash in survey generation for flower plot generation  
    • For survey dependent workflows, added warning about long compute time for large surveys 
  • New Fast track utilities workflow:  
    • Workflow to estimate Minimum Bin Size / Maximum frequency to avoid aliasing. 


  • General ray code:  
    • More detailed explanation in the Help.


  • Full-field workflow: 
    • Fixed error in Greens Function Generation for SeisRoX Full-field workflows, causing illumination vectors to be wrong. This bug was introduced in version 2023.1 


  • Sensor file import 
    • Now also handles files with no noise floor information. 
  • Detectability workflow: 
    • Corner frequency is no longer needed as input. 
    • Corrected algorithm for magnitude estimation. 
  • Location uncertainty workflow: 
    • Corrected algorithm for magnitude estimation. 
  • DAS Illumination workflow: 
    • From the input survey, only the receivers are used. 
    • Fixed error in backazimuth computations 
    • Amplitude statistics (min,max,average)  are provided. 
    • Added option to show the absolute number of receivers in addition to percentage of all receivers 

In addition, several stability fixes and improvements.