Constantly interacting with our software and services clients, we aim to continue to deliver the best, most efficient modelling tools available, following the ever-changing advances in the industry.

This new version enhances the tools available in the NORSAR Software Suite and further promotes ease of use through developments in import and export functionality, the model builder, Kirchhoff modelling, and updates to the native workflows.


  • Model Builder
    • Fixed missing sample at the end of plotted horizons.
    • Fixed wrong units in the Background Image Mapping window for a time model.
    • Fixed a missing update when a one-sample horizon was deleted.
    • Improved error message on blocking.


  • Data import/export
    • Fixed that grid import did not handle files larger than 2 GB.
    • Improved help on the symmetry axis import (SEG-Y cubes with azimuth and dip).
    • Export of polylines is introduced.
    • SEG-Y property cube export:
      • Header info can now not be edited, as it is only for info.
      • Manual setting of the z-sampling field in the SEG-Y header is only requested when needed.
      • The displayed size and sampling are always matching with the units. 
      • Improved help.
    • SEG-Y property cube import:
      • The displayed size and sampling are always matching with the units. 


  • Model Builder
    • Fixed smoothing issue of large property cubes on Linux.
    • Grid Layer Cake Model Builder:
      • Improved handling of ‘zero-thickness’ layers (partially coincident interfaces). None or much smaller glitches between the interfaces where they intersect.
    • General Model Builder:
      • New interface edit function: Merge, Smooth, and Resample.
    • From 2D model to 2.5D model and from Many 2D models to 3D models:
      • Max allowed number of samples in the 2D general line definition is increased to 10000.


  • Workflows
    • Fixed crash in the Seismogram Generator workflow when trying to plot shot dependent working box.
    • Introduced a new parameter: ‘Wavefront Analysis Level’ in the WF tracing advanced parameters.
    • Introduced a message in the Batch Monitor window if some parts of the initial disc have been stopped during the wavefront propagation.
    • Improved distribution of shots among the jobs in the Batch Wavefront Tracer.
    • Fixed ‘Restore Defaults’ option in the Advanced Tracing Parameters window.


  • Kirchhoff modelling
    • Filter attributes in Advanced Greens Function Parameters setup: Preserve Max Offset values along local X/Y-axis.
    • Improved reuse of existing Greens functions.


  • 3D Viewer
    • Fixed crash when displaying reflectivity in a reservoir model without elastic properties.


  • Minor stability fixes and improvements.