NORSAR-2D is now part of the NORSAR Software Suite framework which in addition includes NORSAR-3D, SeisRoX and MDesign.

The new NORSAR-2D Ray Modelling integrated in NORSAR Software Suite is now supplemented by advanced 2-point ray tracing and seismogram generation from the 2020 version. The classic NORSAR-2D ray modelling tool has now taken a further step towards being fully integrated in a user-friendly new framework supporting both Linux and Windows.



  • Is a powerful package for ray-based seismic modelling and depth conversion.
  • Is flexible, fast, accurate and user-friendly.
  • Is ideal for training, teaching, research, as well as industry-scale projects.

NORSAR-2D 2020

Some of the applications:

  • Build and depth-convert 2D models.
  • Plan and evaluate surveys.
  • 2D illumination studies.
  • Ray path, event, and attribute analysis.
  • AVO/AVA analysis.
  • Understand reflections in seismic sections.
  • Understand shadow zones in seismic sections.
  • 2D seismic processing support.

NORSAR-2D Brochure
Download NORSAR-2D brochure (PDF)

Ray Path Analysis

Ray Path Analysis

Improve your understanding of ray propagation in isotropic or anisotropic models. Identify and analyse primaries, multiples, and multiple ray paths using re-tracing functionality.

Synthetic seismic

Generate full elastic simulations of shot gathers and zero-offset sections. Take diffractions and mode conversions into account, and simulate multi-component recording.

Synthetic Seismic

Seismic Event Analysis

Seismic Event Analysis

Analyse event attributes including AVA and AVO behaviour using cross-plotting, re-tracing, event sub-selection, and ASCII event export.