NORSAR-3D IconNORSAR-3D is part of the NORSAR Software Suite framework.

NORSAR-3D is available in Pro and Expert configurations. NORSAR-3D Pro is fully included in NORSAR-3D Expert. The new NORSAR-3D versions are backward compatible with older versions of NORSAR-3D project data.

All NORSAR-3D configurations are available on both Windows and Linux.

NORSAR Software Suite 2020

NORSAR-3D includes functionality that enables you to:

  • Import data (grid, trimesh, cube, survey, 2.5D models from N2D)
  • Generate 3D models
  • Perform survey design and generation
  • Perform ray modelling using the Wavefront Construction method
  • Generate seismograms
  • Generate illumination maps (IMAP),
  • Export data (grid, cube, trimesh, seismogram, illumination maps, event attributes)

The NORSAR-3D package also includes batch processing, allowing models to be computed on multiple processors, greatly speeding up the turn around time.

NORSAR-3D Brochure
Download NORSAR-3D Brochure (PDF)

Learn how to use the new connector between MESA and NORSAR-3D

Modelling Package

NORSAR-3D is the most advanced product on the market for seismic illumination studies and model-based survey evaluation and analysis. The package is also used on a full industrial scale for generation of traveltime maps for Prestack Depth Migration (PSDM).

NORSAR-3D uses the Open Ray Model representation to simplify model construction. The technology even allows seismic ray tracing in preliminary or incomplete depth models.

The wavefront construction technique, first developed and implemented at NORSAR, ensures that all calculated rays are consistent in the Open Ray Model. Model run times are reduced, without compromising results, by the efficient way in which NORSAR-3D calculates ray contributions for a large number of shot and receiver positions.


NORSAR-3D Key Features

  • Open Ray Model
  • 3D Wavefront Construction (P and S waves)
  • TTI Anisotropy
  • Land, Marine and VSP Surveys
  • Illumination Rays
  • Illumination Maps
  • Simulated Migration Amplitude
  • Parallel Processing
  • Kirchhoff Target Migration
  • Synthetic prestack seismic data including diffractions