If you choose a Private Course, the content of the training course can be tailored to meet your specific user needs. Whether you are a new user requiring a basic introduction or an experienced user who requires further, targeted instruction, we have a course that will improve your application of NORSAR software. 

We are also able to provide a hybrid consultancy/training course where you will receive expert instruction in the use of NORSAR software on a real data set provided by yourself. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your knowledge of the software while obtaining usable results.

Public Courses

Throughout the year NORSAR Innovation provide both public training at pre-scheduled dates and customizable onsite training inside companies. 

The courses cover NORSAR-2D, NORSAR-3D and SeisRoX. 

The public course calendar includes the upcoming courses given at NORSAR's new training location nearby Oslo, Norway and courses in Houston, USA.

These courses are suitable for both new users and users with moderate experience who are looking to broaden their understanding and improve the efficiency of their current usage. 

The courses are up to date with regard to the current software versions. Both NORSAR-3D courses introduce to the IRAY concept, which comprises a set of additional illumination tools for given target points in the sub-surface. In some aspects this is similar to the concept of FlowerPlots, but the approaches are somewhat different, and the possibilities of analysing and understanding the relation between illumination at a target and the survey layout have been considerably improved.

All courses start with a simple modelling exercise using a pre-defined model, such that the user has a chance to grasp the big picture before working into the details of data preparation, model building and run parameter setup. 

Course manuals and training data will be provided as digital files, so all exercises can be repeated later or can be used as a reference for own models and workflows.

Private Courses

We are offering private courses throughout the world. Booking a private Course enables you to tailor the course content to suit the application of your company. Your key application areas can be highlighted and focused on giving you the training you need. A Private Course also give you the opportunity to use your own data in the practical aspects of the course.

We recommend that course sizes be restricted to 8 people to allow thorough practical demonstrations. 

Using your data during the training course
The nature of this service is wholly dependant on the clients objectives. As such, the duration, content and cost is case specific. As a guide, we usually recommend that this type of training course is run in addition to a standard training course. However, if the users are experienced, it can in some cases, replace the practical aspect of the standard training course. The cost of this service is dependant on the man hours required to prepare the data (e.g. building a suitable model). Therefore. we ask that you contact us to discuss your requirements. If you would like to benefit from this service, it is imperative that we have access to the data prior to the course in order to facilitate its use in a learning environment. By doing so, repetitive, time consuming steps can be computated prior to the training course, allowing a smooth, uninterrupted passage through the workflow giving maximum benefit to the course attendees.

For further information, please e-mail: courses@norsar.com