3D seismic modelling using NORSAR-3D

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend?
The course is suited for geophysicists and geologists with moderate to no experience in NORSAR-3D. In addition to the basic introduction to the package, emphasize will be put on problems and questions raised by the users of NORSAR-3D. 

Course outline
This course provides a presentation of the general principles of ray modelling and its applications in NORSAR-3D. The model representation and the modelling methods of NORSAR-3D will be described through examples. Various applications of the modelling results will also be discussed. The first day of the course will focus on NORSAR-3D Basic (to be released soon in 2016) and can be attended separately.


  • General introduction to ray based modelling: principles, benefits, approaches and pitfalls
  • Overview over NORSAR-3D Basic: introduction to user interface, simple model generation, workflow principles, illumination maps, and target-point oriented modelling (fast track illumination ray studies)
  • Overview over NORSAR-3D full version: integration of the previously known modules, introduction to Kirchhoff modelling
  • Practical training on project definition, data import, model building in depth domain, setting up surveys, setting up ray codes, setting up modelling runs, generation of illumination maps in various domains using filters and multi-maps
  • Generation of synthetics from conventional ray tracing and Kirchhoff modelling

A detailed course manual will be used during the course. Each participant will receive a copy of the manual and the course data.