Duration: 2 Days

Who should attend
The course gives an introduction to the SeisRoX software package and is suitable for geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers working with or interested in seismic reservoir characterization or 4D data analysis. 

Course outline
The course will give an introduction to the concept and technology behind SeisRoX. It will include the overburden/survey consistent seismic modelling using the patented SimPLI approach, as well as highlighting the interaction with the NORSAR-3D seismic ray modelling package. This exercise based course will guide the attendees through the major steps of a SeisRoX seismic modelling project, covering:

  • A brief tour through a full project as well as display and workflow options
  • Starting from scratch: Defining a modelling project
  • Data loading, including wells, interfaces, Eclipse simulations etc.
  • Data viewing
  • Well log data analysis
  • Rock physics analysis, including calibration of rock physics models by well log data
  • Target model preparations
  • Overburden model preparation
  • Survey definitions
  • Setting up workflows for seismic resolution analysis, survey analysis, 4D analysis, etc.
  • Analysis of modelled results

A course manual will be used during the course. Each participant will receive a copy of the manual and the course data.