2D seismic modelling using NORSAR-2D Stand-alone

Duration: 2 days

Who should attend?
The course is suited for geophysicists and geologists with moderate to no experience in NORSAR-2D. 

Course outline
This course provides a general introduction to the fundamental concepts of ray tracing and a basic introduction to NORSAR-2D Ray Modelling software. 

Software exercises:

  • A brief tour through a complete modelling job.
  • Create a 3D project environment with 2D sections.
  • Import horizons and velocities from external files.
  • Build a subsurface model.
  • Define surveys.
  • Calculate and inspect rays.
  • Simulate shots, stacked sections and time-migrated sections.
  • Export on SEG-Y.
  • A tour through different ray tracing modules and tools
  • Time-to-depth conversion examples

A detailed course manual will be used during the course. Each participant will receive a copy of the manual and the course data.