Today, NORSAR Innovation unveils the next iteration of the NORSAR software suite delivering meaningful value to our community by transforming workflows in all facets of seismic operations. By continuing to innovate in our software suite, extending into segments such as risk analysis, and developing technologies such as DAS, NORSAR not only improves upon the already best of class tools we are known for, but add functionality to expand applications for our clients.

NORSAR cost benefit tool

The new cost benefit analysis tool is designed to easily rate various survey options against each other and provide an easy-to-read overview chart. In this first version, the rating is based on simple key parameters that are fully controlled by the user, defining “cost” as related to the number of required shots and “benefit” as  a threshold-based evaluation of modelled attribute maps. Target polygons can be used for generating different cases for different key areas of interest.

Cost Benefit

Interactive Shot Direction Tracer

The interactive Shot Direction Tracer allows for an intuitive and efficient ray path analysis in complex models, providing options for shooting fans, cones or bundles of rays from selected shot locations and varying departing angle and azimuth ranges interactively. Ray codes and ray density are fully user controlled, beneficial for defining appropriate modelling parameters, explaining variations in illumination, indicating geometric spreading or local ray path anomalies, and detecting potential model issues early in the process.

Shot Direction Tracer

New tools


  • A new Interactive Event Handler: Newly integrated cross-plotting tool supporting advanced attribute analysis and interactive re-tracing of events.
  • Fully extended ray code generator now allowing for modelling any part of the wavefield as known for the classic NORSAR-2D application. Multiples, phase conversions and ghosts can be defined by a mouse-click directly from a model display.  


  • A new Cost Benefit function tool is introduced.
  • A new integrated Shot direction ray tracer is now supported in NORSAR-3D


  • New functionality for simulation of DAS helical fibre

Bug fixes and improvements


Important upgrades have been done to the underlying graphic system to secure performance, compatibility, and security. The new NSS version is now supported on the following systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Centos 7 or higher, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or higher


  • General Model Builder:
  • Clip grid surfaces when loading to fit the model box.
  • Clip triangular mesh surfaces when loading to fit the model box.
  • Clip property cubes when loading to fit the model box.
  • Material properties (Vp,Vs,Rho,…) in cross section plots are now computed by means of splines functions. This shows material properties exactly as they are used in the wavefront tracers.
  • 2D material property function (single inline or crossline) is expanded into a 3D cube when loaded into the model builder.
  • The function ‘Cut two interfaces against each other’ shows progress bar and can be cancelled during the process.


Updates to the NORSAR Software Suite is now available to all annual maintenance subscribers, including research and educational institutions, government agencies, and enterprises. The NORSAR Suite is available for download from the NORSAR web site

About the NORSAR software suite

The core application for NORSAR seismic modelling packages are 2D and 3D seismic ray modelling, survey planning, PSDM simulation, reservoir analysis and time-to-depth conversion based on ray tracing. The NORSAR software solutions contain a number of unique concepts compared to other systems on the market:


NORSAR Innovation AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of the research foundation NORSAR, specializes in seismic modelling software and services for the E&P industry.

We offer a unique ray tracing solution that has been used by leading E&P companies world-wide for more than 20 years.