Version 5.2 is a major update of NORSAR-2D. Several new functionalities are added; new project definition, new digitizing tool, new SEG-Y property import/export and a new well import. In addition many size limitations are removed or reduced and bugs are fixed.

Project definition

  • The project definition module is now in line with NORSAR-3D and SeisRoX. 

Digitizing tool

  • New digitizing tool where scanned images or seismic on seg-y format can be used as background when digitizing horizons. The horizons can be used directly in the Model Builder.
  • In addition it can be used as an advanced SEG-Y displayer.

Well import

  • New well import. Well track and well log can be imported.
  • Imports ascii column data. User defined interpretation of each column.
  • Predefined set ups can be stored.

SEG-Y property import

  • New property import.
  • Imports property slices from cubes on SEG-Y format.

SEG-Y property export

  • New property export.
  • Exports property grids on SEG-Y format. Property grids canbe made by gridding a model.

Model Builder

  • Use the imported wells to define properties.
  • Increased number of allowed samples in horizons, property grids and SMIF files.
  • Improved messages when depth converting.


  • Reference interface is introduced in the VSP tracer. The same option is available in the Common Shot tracer and the NIP tracer. In NORSAR-3D, this is called projection interface.
  • Default search angles in the VSP tracer are now set to 0 –360 degrees.
  • Increased number of events in spikeogram plot, and number of shots and receivers.

Seismogram Generator

  • Fixed bug when using diffraction events.