Version 5.3 introduces a new fully integrated 3D viewer with the ability to plot all data objects in a NORSAR project. The viewer is the first step to bring NORSAR-2D into the new NORSAR Seismic Modelling platform. This framework is already used for SeisRoX. Included in the release is also improved well handling of imported wells.

FlexNet licensing 

  • Updated licensing to FlexNet 11.11 to handle alternate network interface names (e.g. em1)

File Manager 

  • Upgraded to handle imported wells

Viewer (NEW) 

  • Complete new module with advanced functionality to display all data objects in a NORSAR project, including NORSAR-2D section and models. In addition NORSAR-3D elements can be displayed such as IMAPs, FPLOTs and survey fold maps.
  • Option for interactive click & shoot of direct rays in 3D models

Well Import

  • New functionality to upscale a well log
  • New option to compute TVD from MD
  • New option to derive VP and VS from slowness.

Model Builder

  • Removed requirement for two-way-traveltime when loading a well
  • Assign property from wells now includes Vs and Density
  • Option to store model as a SMIF file for immediate use in NORSAR-3D


  • Fixed bug causing specification of "General Ray Code" to fail

Seismogram Generator

  • Fixed "Include geometrical spreading" option such that when set to OFF also phase shift due to KMAH is off

In addition minor bug fixes and improvements.