NORSAR-3D 2017.1 features a novel NORSAR-3D Expert version which is now available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. NORSAR-3D Expert 2017.1 includes the Basic and the Pro version and in addition a comprehensive set of tools and workflows to build complex models and do illumination studies and survey planning for any type of acquisition geometries.

Major new features in this version are:
A redesigned efficient batch wavefront tracer workflow, which makes it very easy to re-use tracing results in various applications. Thus, survey planning studies become much more efficient and flexible.

The new Expert version contains an Exploding reflector (NIP) workflow, a traveltime cube generator and more advanced functionalities in the recently upgraded model builder. These additional functionalities enable the user to build highly complex models with various input elements and adapt to the requirements of ray tracing. 

NORSAR-3D Basic provides comprehensive information about the coverage of subsurface targets, ranging from overview maps of the entire target area to detailed analysis of angular and azimuthal coverage of selected points of interest. The studies can be survey-independent, providing the upper possible illumination limit, only restricted by the subsurface properties; or the illumination capabilities can be studies for a specific survey.


  • Support for IRAP ASCII and binary grids

In addition, minor bug fixes and stability improvements are done for the NORSAR-3D Basic version.

NORSAR-3D Pro includes the Basic version, and in addition it contains a comprehensive set of tools and workflows to build complex models and to do illumination studies and survey planning for any type of acquisition geometries. NORSAR-3D Pro 2017.1 is backwards compatible with older versions of NORSAR-3D project data.

Model Builder

  • Improved cutting of two interfaces
  • Improved plot options
  • Adding option for arbitrary symmetry axis for TTI anisotropic media

Prestack Kirchhoff Modelling

  • Fixed bug when using different sampling for the GF’s in survey and target area

Wavefront Tracer

  • Fixed bugs regarding the source mechanism type single force in the vector definition in the z-component. 


  • Improved surface import


  • Export XYZ Freepoint, Inline/Crossline XYZ Freepoint, Inline/Crossline Z Freepoint grids.
  • Export Trimesh


  • Hot cursor on shot position

 In addition, minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

NORSAR-3D Expert
NORSAR-3D Pro includes the Basic and Pro version, and in addition it contains:

Model Builder Expert - NEW 
Now a novel interactive 3D model builder expert is available. It contains all functionalities of the Pro version and thus allows to build complex 3D models, and it displays the model elements in the 3D viewer with access to all other project elements. In addition the model builder expert includes:

  • Use interfaces of any shape, including multi-z-valued interfaces.
  • Intersect and combine interfaces. 
  • Extrapolate Interfaces.
  • Detailed, interactive editing of interfaces. 

Model Gridder - NEW 
Make property cubes from any existing NORSAR-3D model is now available, this functionality allows to build background models with different smoothing operators suitable for e.g., the traveltime generator workflow.

Interactive Wavefront Tracer - NEW
The re-designed interactive tracer can be used to analyze the ray tracing results in more details for one selected shot location. The propagated wavefronts can be plotted as well as the corresponding ray attributes such as traveltimes and amplitudes. 

Exploding Reflector (NIP) - NEW
The Exploding Reflector (Normal Incidence Point) tracer provides fast modelling of the reflections for zero-offset survey geometries.

Traveltime Generator - NEW
This workflow allows in an easy to use manner to generate traveltime cubes which can be used for, e.g. prestack depth migration.

Batch Wavefront Tracer - NEW
This new workflow allows to compute ray attributes for large surveys in batch mode. These results can afterwards easily re-used in all other application workflows, such as Seismogram generator and Simulated migration amplitudes.

Event Attribute Extractor – NEW
All ray attributes generated by the wavefront tracer can be accessed and exported in ASCII format.

Kirchhoff Target Modelling
Kirchhoff Target migration workflow can be used to generate migrated sections from Kirchhoff pre-stack data. This workflow can be used for e.g. velocity sensitivity studies. 

In addition, minor bug fixes and stability improvements.