This is a bugfix release which addresses the following issues:

Illumination and Simulated Migration Amplitude workflows

  • Some filter- and multi-map attributes did not work
  • Error when changing workflow contents and generating new maps on a predefined batch tracer workflow:
  • Temporary illumination map groups are not deleted  after generation, which causes problems when rerunning workflows. They also take up unnecessary disk space.

Illumination function operator

  • Ascii free point data import onto existing illumination map groups did not work
  • Select map from another illumination map group did not work  

Kirchhoff prestack modelling

  • Recover functionality after jobs had crashed did not work. Results were corrupt and recover did not work

Kirchhoff Target Migration

  • Noise was not added to results

Surface Import

  • Bug when analyzing freepoint grids with specific axis layouts
  • Minor change: For ascii x-y-z freepoint readers, lines starting with “#” are treated as comments and will not break import
  • Enable loading of trimesh files with multiple faces, where vertex indexing restarts at every face

SPS Survey Import

  • Bug occasionally causing empty surveys

General Model Builder

  • Bug in plotting variable properties in blocks

Model building tools and object list properties

  • Long file names causing property cube smoothing to fail    

Object list illumination map display

  • Multimap sorting now consistent with workflows



This is a bugfix release which addresses the following issue:

SEG-Y Export for all angle ranges

  • Now exports one SEG-Y cube for each angle range specified in the PSDM simulation settings instead of just the summation cube