Image ray tracer workflow - NEW

This new workflow constructs time surfaces (time grids) corresponding to time migrated horizons from a given NORSAR3D depth model.

NORSAR-MESA Connector (Windows only) - NEW

The MESA-NORSAR connector provides direct, fast transfer of data between MESA and NORSAR.

  • Surveys designed in MESA can be loaded into NORSAR.
  • Illumination maps computed in NORSAR can be loaded into MESA.

SEGY property import

  • Improved symmetry axis import for TTI models.
  • Improvements in handling of SEGY files with incomplete geometry information.

Modelling project edit

  • Improved unit handling when creating a project using a grid template.

Grid Import

  • Option for skipping header lines did not count commented lines.

Object list

  • Added listing of symmetry axis cubes.


  • Added display of symmetry axes in models
  • Fixed bug in plotting of NORSAR-2D models with non-zero x-origin

Improved unit handling

  • Support for US Survey feet.

Batch wavefront tracer workflow

  • Active shot can now be selected in graphics in addition to the workflow results list.

Tracer workflows

  • Enable setting retrace accuracy without having to re-do the retracing.
  • Added a timeout to prevent "eternal" waiting for rays to plot.
  • Added warning if there are no results for a selected shot/ray code.
  • Fixed bug in setting single force source vector. Vector component was not allowed to be negative.
  • Improved handling for invalid shot positions for S-sources.
  • Some dense surveys originating from SPS-import were not properly read into the tracer.

Seismogram generator

  • Did not properly support anisotropic S
  • Require inclusion of reflection/transmission effects when single force S-source

Travel time cube export

  • Incorrect shot coordinates in exported SEGY

General Model Builder

  • Display interfaces with borders as default, such that internal borders are visible
  • Splitting an interface in topologically disconnected parts, now also available in horizons view
  • Improved handling of switching between different model building modes

Single block model builder

  • Fixed bug causing an error when trying to generate a model with very small smoothing parameter (<10 m).

Event Attribute Extractor

  • Some clarifications in the help about different event attributes.

Survey import

  • Improved help on the azimuth-offset and OVT option

In addition stability and bug fixes



Location Uncertainty workflow

  • Plot number of triggered stations