NORSAR Software Suite 2018.1 is a new main release featuring new functionality for time-depth conversion and an enhanced Kirchhoff Target Migration allowing for both isotropic and anisotropic models. In addition, several improvements and bug fixes are included.


Release details


New functionality

  • Generate time-depth functions from velocities defined in time domain
  • Time-Depth conversion of property cubes and seismic cubes
  • Kirchhoff Target migration for dynamic ray tracing results which allows for both isotropic and anisotropic velocity sensitivities studies using Green’s functions for P-waves


Bug fixes and improvements


  • Legacy NORSAR-3D tools in separate sub menu
  • Fixed crash in reflectivity viewer on unexpected input
  • Support for property functions in time domain in object list
  • Windows version: Removed option to run NSS from installer (could be run as wrong user.)


  • Fixed unit bug in Set Home View
  • Different default background in time- and depth viewers


  • Fixed bad axis orientation for X-Y view


  • Fixed Eclipse model incomplete when imported to NORSAR
  • Fixed Crash using imported Eclipse model

Illumination Ray Export

  • Fixed wrong attribute value exported for incident angle and reflection angle
  • Fixed incident azimuth not normalized in range [0, 360] degrees

Export of NORSAR regular cubes to SEGY

  • Fixed data not sorted according to project Inline/Crosslines
  • Fixed inconsistent use of trace header fields to define z0
  • Stability fixes

Model Building

  • Fixed bug in converting a 2D model with varying properties to a 2.5D model
  • Added undo for selected functionality in general model builder
  • Fixed bug selecting block from the table view in property tab in general model builder
  • Stability fixes on functionality for editing interfaces in general model builder
  • Fixed bug in projection of interface onto another. Interface list was repeated in pull-down menus
  • Added possibility to delete incomplete models

SeisRoX Target Model Editor

  • Fixed crash in generating elastic properties from geological properties

Convert N3D Model to Target Model

  • Fixed crash for empty interfaces

Remote Machine Setup

  • New: Allow for setting common machine settings for a list of machines
  • Improved check on path consistency


  • New option to set a static shot centered work box
  • New buttons to collapse or expand workflow tree view
  • Fixed bug in dynamic shot centered workbox for specific survey types
  • Bug in plotting of dynamic workbox based on shot selection in workflow
  • Minor improvements in advanced ray code editor
  • Fixed bug in CPU time from tracer job

Illumination Ray Workflow

  • Fixed unit conversion error in offset grid setup

Illumination Map Workflow, Simulated Migration Amplitudes Workflow

  • Option for filtering out events with supercritical reflections was ignored in generation, always allowing all events, unless a topological receiver subselection was defined, in which case the value was wrongly handled
  • Added option to filter on all, first or most energetic event
  • Fixed frequent crashes on cancelling generation process
  • Improved archiving if generated from tracer workflow results

Seismogram Generation Workflow

  • Improved archiving if generated from tracer workflow results

Kirchhoff Prestack Modelling Workflow

  • Allow survey subselection in Kirchhoff modelling

Kirchhoff Target Migration Workflow

  • Fixed bug in recovering of failed processes

SeisRoX Workflows

  • Fixed 1D models could not be selected if there was a "." In the name
  • Fixed bug in recovering a failed Full-field process when running in remote execution mode
  • Fixed bug in setting up local target box defined in InLine/CrossLine or UTM coordinates
  • Allow multiple target models/variants for utility property cube generation
  • Fixed bug in listing of time converted results

Wavefront Tracer workflows

  • Improved shot selection in interactive tracer, enabling selection from the 3D viewer
  • Fixed unit bug in retrace accuracy dialog
  • Fixed bug in wavefront plotting which could cause crash if unexpected wavefront parameters
  • Fixed bug in export of travel time cubes as SEGY. (Missing source depth)
  • Fixed bug in travel time cube generation: Kept projection when defining shots from point set or sensors

MDesign Workflows

  • Fixed wrong velocity used in Detectability and Location uncertainty

Ray Path Generator (legacy, Linux)

  • Fixed blocking bug not handling new tracer results

In addition: Many minor stability fixes and improvements and improved help.