New functionality

Areal filters

Areal filters based on logic combinations of polygons. These new filters can be applied in illumination map/SMA generation and retracing.

Framework and Viewer

  • Added option to display property slices without interpolating data values
  • Added option to select multiple surfaces for delete in object list

Illumination/Simulated Migration Amplitudes Maps

  • A specific map is generated by combining the 'Target SMA Amplitudes' and the 'Constant Reflectivity Target SMA Amplitudes'. For this map, the effect of Survey and Overburden is removed, resulting in a sort of 'true amplitude' map, quantifying an approximation of an average reflection coefficient for the reflection angles involved. This map attribute is called 'SMA Normalized'.
  • Added histogram for attribute plots

Survey generation

A new survey generator for defining surveys for different shot geometries, where the receivers are located on a regular 3D grid.


Simplified way to generate multiple offset based survey sub-selections.


Bug fixes and improvements

Event attribute Extractor

  • Blanks in the project path handled also on windows.
  • Reflection coefficient phase was displayed in radians even if degrees was specified.
  • Wrong dip values on shot take-off vector.

SEGY Property Import

  • Handle sample formats 2 and 3. Previously only sample formats 1 and 5 were handled.
  • Bugfix on import large SEG-Y property cubes.

GoCad TriMesh Import

  • Added option to specify whether Z axis is pointing up- or downwards.

Illumination Map/Simulated Migration Amplitude workflows

  • When a project is defined in other units than km, multi-map ranges listed were wrong for some attributes.
  • When generating maps from a tracer workflow with multiple ray codes defined, the ray code display in the workflow was wrong
  • Cleaning up unfinished illumination map and SMA workflows was incomplete if parallel, which could cause failure when re-running
  • Fixed crash when setting up advanced color maps
  • Advanced color maps not displayed by color legend

Simulated Migration Amplitude Workflows

  • Improved default parameters for constant impedance map generation

Wavefront Tracer workflows

  • Added additional advanced parameters for removal of rays. Max relative geometrical spreading
  • Receiver topology sub-selection in retrace parameters were not updated when changing workflows
  • If S-velocity was illegal for some shots, and one or more ray codes started with an S-segment, the tracing failed
  • Linux only: Allow for using rsh when starting remote processes
  • Linux only: Allow to specify external directories for event storage

Modelling Project Setup

  • Wrong z-unit used at some places when the project is defined in kfeet

General Model Builder

  • Only interfaces that are shown in the interface list can be selected for editing.

Framework and Viewer

  • Fixed bug in reflectivity plot of SeisRoX models appearing when some positions are undefined


In addition, stability and bug fixes.