NORSAR Software Suite 2019 has introduced the advanced and powerful NORSAR-2D Ray Modelling tool in a completely new user-friendly wrapping.  It is the first step towards a full integration in the NORSAR Software Suite framework. A sophisticated 2D Model Builder has been unveiled, supported on both Linux and Windows.  The 2D Model Builder is available in all version of NORSAR Software Suite. In addition, NORSAR-3D is extended with support for fiber optics (DAS) modelling and new functionality for VSP modelling.  

This bug fix release includes further improvements and bug fixes.

Release details


  • More robust handling of using shot line selection in survey import SPS.
  • Improved performance of display of large surveys and handling in workflows.
  • Improved handling of undefined shot and receiver positions that caused problems in SeisRoX as well as Illumination Rays and Interactive Wavefront Tracer workflows.


  • Improved handling of undefined values in property cube smoothing.
  • Fixed issue with window layout in SEGY Property Import (user defined).

Illumination Rays (IRAY)

  • Survey Dependent IRAY Workflow:
    • Fixed empty Rose Plot for anisotropic models.
  • Survey Independent IRAY Workflow:
    • Fixed bug accepting too many contributions.
    • Fixed empty Rose Plot due to one invalid ray.
  • Better error handling to avoid unwanted empty roses.

Seismogram Generator

  • Introduced receiver sub-selection, except of SPS and P190 type surveys.

3D General Model Builder

  • Improved smoothing and extrapolation, especially for not strictly single-valued interfaces.
  • Improved clipping by polyline - clip all the way through.
  • Improved adaptive triangulation algorithm to get fewer triangles in gridded surface uploaded from Objects’ list.

2D Model Builder

  • Implemented coordinate conversion in horizon import/export.
  • Warning if imported horizons are not on a section.
  • Introduced interface splitting.