Geological, Elastic and Reflectivity

The central part of SeisRoX is the multi-domain model which consists of the following domains;

  • The geological domain: Rock-related properties including porosity, clay content, rock type (lithology, facies), fluid type, saturation and more.
  • The elastic domain: Rock-related properties such as elastic modulus, seismic impedance, seismic velocity, density and elastic moduli.
  • The reflectivity domain: Horizon-related properties like reflection coefficient, AVO/AVA parameters, etc.

The multi-domain model guides the user through the definition of a rock model for the layers in the geological domain to the automatic transformation of properties into the elastic domain, before deducing the reflectivity properties using a standard algorithm such as the Zoeppritz equations. Advanced functionality allows the user to enter the multi-domain model at any stage depending on the data they have available. For example, to facilitate 4D feasibility studies, the SimSeis workflow allows users to predict the PSDM response to production from fluid simulator data in Eclipse* format. 

*Eclipse is a trademark of Schlumberger.