NORSAR Software Suite 2019 introduces the advanced and powerful NORSAR-2D Ray Modelling tool in a completely new user-friendly wrapping. It is the first step towards a full integration in the NORSAR Software Suite framework.

This first version unveils a sophisticated 2D Model Builder, supported on both Linux and Windows. The 2D Model Builder is available in all versions of NORSAR Software Suite.

In addition, NORSAR-3D is extended with support for fiber optics (DAS) modelling and new functionality for VSP modelling. Several improvements and bug fixes are also included.

Release details

2D Model Builder

  • A completely new tool to build 2D ray tracing models.
  • Fully integrated digitizing tool using a background image.
  • Convert seamless from 2D to a 2.5D model. Use 3D interactive tracing.

Illumination Map

  • New DAS VSP filter. Filter by incident angle to the DAS cable.
  • Display VSP attributes along a well.

Event Attribute Extractor

  • Export computed incident angle to the DAS cable. 
  • Apply filter on the incident angle before exporting.
  • Export relative amplitude response along DAS cable.

MESA Connector

  • Associate the exported attributes with the individual shots and receivers. Allows the attributes to be used on shot and receiver level in MESA Survey design.


  • Added subselection of PSDM simulation results when exporting as SEG-Y cubes.
  • Added option for scaling PSDM simulation results when exporting as SEG-Y cubes.
  • Added option for resampling PSDM simulation results when exporting as SEG-Y cubes.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved re-tracing in the Wavefront tracer, IRAY and Flowerplot.
  • Improved Color bar handling. The user can now click directly on the color bar to change settings.
  • Fixed wrong units for the model box in the single block model builder. 
  • Fixed wrong units in make analytic property grid.
  • Fixed crash when clipping property inside block in the general model builder.
  • Fixed that extrapolation of an interface could distort the interface grossly.  
  • Fixed issues with smoothing of S-wave velocities.  
  • Fixed that was not able to make a receiver sub-selection in workflows.  
  • Fixed slow workflow list update if large survey.
  • Fixed error in grid layer cake model if too long interface names 
  • Improved interface intersection (cut) in the general model builder. 

In addition: Many minor stability fixes and improved help.