NORSAR Software Suite 2020.1 is a new main release featuring new functionality; a major upgrade to the inherent 2D functionality is introduced, a 2D spikeogram and travel time analysis tool. In 3D a new workflow for Diving wave surface map is introduced and in addition a 3D distance measuring tool is added.

In addition, several improvements and bug fixes are included.

New functionality 

  • 2D modelling tool
    • Survey projection on a horizon
    • Block names introduced
    • Interactive spikeogram/traveltime plot
    • Interactive retracing from traveltime plot 
  • 3D diving wave surface map workflow
  • 3D distance measure tool

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Batch system: Store and load setup of remote nodes 
  • Batch system: Interactive ray tracing setup can be reused in batch workflows
  • 2D model builder background image is default in background
  • 2D model builder background image is stored together with model
  • 2D model builder: Model dimensions default button is added
  • Fixed holes in 3D model builder is improved
  • Large SEGY cubes will be cropped to model box when used in 3D Model Builder
  • Minor stability fixes and improvements