NORSAR Software Suite 2020.1.42630 is a bugfix release featuring several improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added the classic 2D Property Scanner to the legacy tools menu. (Available on Linux only.)
  • Fixes for undo/redo functionality in the 2D model builder.


  • Fixed bug in Event Attribute Extractor to handle different receiver topology for different shots.
  • Model Builder: 
    • Interface intersections: Handle when the intersection creates many, very small interfaces.
    • Improvement in the property interpolation between horizons.
    • Improve text and default when an interface shall be used in a block.
    • Fixed error in property cube list for a block.
    • Updated help in symmetry axis.
    • User specified model width when a cylindrical, 2.5D model is made from a NORSAR-2D model.
  • Improved max diving ray depth IMAP depth coloring.
  • Fixed IMAP plotting.
  • Improved message when spaces in Survey name.
  • More efficient handling of large survey files in Full-field PSDM Simulator.
  • Fixed bug for downwards tracing in NIP.
  • Minor stability fixes and improvements.