NORSAR Software Suite 2020 is a new main release featuring new functionality as DAS VSP seismograms and diving wave attribute maps.

A major upgrade to the inherent 2D functionality is introduced, a 2D modelling tool that allows for interactive ray tracing and survey definition.

In addition, several improvements and bug fixes are included.

New functionality 

  • 2D modelling tool
    • Interactive common shot ray tracing
    • Interactive survey definition 
    • Synthetic seismograms 
  • DAS VSP seismograms
  • Diving wave attribute map
  • Triple source survey type

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved SPS survey projection 
  • Remote batch improvements
  • Fixed Kirchhoff Target migration filter options that did not work probably 
  • Improved performance for single survey lines in 2D viewer
  • Added missing help for one Illumination attribute map
  • Added survey subselection to Illumination map and seismogram generation workflow
  • Added SEGY export option for local SeisRoX workflows results in time
  • Fixed bug in IRAY plotting when using exaggeration for z in the viewer
  • Minor stability fixes and improvements