NORSAR Software Suite 2021.1 is a new release featuring several improvements and bug fixes. 

The new cost benefit analysis tool is extended with support for Illumination Map combiner results. 

The interactive Shot Direction Ray Tracer is improved with new options for user friendliness and for better visualization of rays. 

Kirchhoff modelling is extended to support TTI anisotropy. 

New tools 


  • Support for random lines is introduced. 
    • A General 2D Section can be defined along a polyline. 
    • A 2.5D model can be made from a 2D model, including for a 2D model along a General 2D Section. 


  • New Cost Benefit combiner option. 
  • New Cost Benefit now supports IMAP combiner results. 
  • Kirchhoff modelling is extended to support anisotropic media, i.e., transversely isotropic media having vertical (VTI), tilted (TTI) or horizontal (HTI) symmetry axis. 

Bug fixes and improvements 


  • Fixed graphic glitches in windows that were moved in or out of the workspace. 
  • Added startup script to run with VirtualGL on Linux. 


  • General Model Builder:  
    • Possible to use filter with wild card (*) to filter lists. 
    • Windows convention list selection style. 
    • Fixes for automatic resizing of columns in lists. 
    • Possible to delete a horizon and all its interfaces. 
    • New property functions: define a 3D material property function as a constant gradient along a user-specified direction. 
  • Shot Direction Ray Tracer 
    • Support for setting angles by Dip/Azimuth (in addition to Theta/Phi). 
    • Support for plotting markers for ray end points, reflection points, transmission points and ray diving points. 
  • MESA Connector 
    • Fixed problem exporting SMA maps. 

In addition, minor stability fixes and improvements.