NORSAR Software Suite 2021.2 is a major new release featuring new tools and several improvements and bug fixes.

The new Workflow Queue System allows the user to set up and run a queue of workflows e.g., several batch wavefront tracer setups, or a number of different illumination maps. It is an efficient tool for generating different modelling results for example by running the queue automatically over night.

The Illumination Cubes workflow is a new NORSAR-3D workflow that can be used e. g. as a survey planning device in connection with surveys intended to be used for inversion projects (tomography, FWI etc.). The workflow performs tracing through the model and maps the ray paths to a regular 3D cell grid in space. Several ray attributes can be mapped, in order to get a picture of to what extent the parts of the model are penetrated (illuminated) by the rays, and what ray directions are represented.

A 2D model can now be extracted from a 3D model along a 2D New General Section in the NSS project (in addition to a 2D model along an Inline/Crossline Section). The general (random) section is along a selected NSS polyline. The NSS 2D modelling allows for a user-friendly and efficient ray-path and event analysis, even in the most complex models.

A 3D model from a set of NORSAR-2D models is introduced. The 3D model is approximately interpolating between the 2D models. The selected models may be inlines or crosslines or a combination of inline and crossline or general sections. All selected models must have the same number of surfaces.

New tools


  • A 2D model can be extracted from a 3D model along a general 2D section, in addition to an Inline/Crossline section


  • A new integrated Workflow Queue System is now supported in NORSAR-3D.
  • A new Illumination Cubes workflow is introduced.
  • A 2D Smif model can be made from a 3D model along a general 2D section.
  • A 3D model from a set of NORSAR-2D models is introduced.


  • Dock widget workspace implemented.

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Improved import of Smif files into the 2D model builder (inline/crossline 2D sections).
  • Get N2D horizon names in the Smif file.


  • Export of 2D model on SEGY via 2.5D model.
  • Fixed crash when clip polygon is deleted in General Model Builder.
  • Fixed sorting of grids correctly in Grid Layer Cake model.
  • Fixed Ray Code selection in Survey Domain IMAP that was wrong after using Max diving ray depth IMAP.
  • Fixed plot of the Static shot dependent work box for non-projected shots.


  • Reorganized and updated functionalities for Workflows and Illumination Maps.

In addition, minor stability fixes and improvements.