NORSAR Software Suite 2021.3 is a new release featuring several improvements and bug fixes.


  • Model Builder
    • Fixed missing sample at the end of plotted horizons.
    • Fixed wrong units in the Background Image Mapping window for a time model.
    • Fixed a missing update when a one-sample horizon was deleted.
    • Improved error message on blocking.


  • Data import/export
    • Fixed that grid import did not handle files larger than 2 GB.
    • Improved help on the symmetry axis import (SEG-Y cubes with azimuth and dip).
    • Export of polylines is introduced.
    • SEG-Y property cube export:
      • Header info can now not be edited, as it is only for info.
      • Manual setting of the z-sampling field in the SEG-Y header is only requested when needed.
      • The displayed size and sampling are always matching with the units. 
      • Improved help.
    • SEG-Y property cube import:
      • The displayed size and sampling are always matching with the units. 


  • Model Builder
    • Fixed smoothing issue of large property cubes on Linux.
    • Grid Layer Cake Model Builder:
      • Improved handling of ‘zero-thickness’ layers (partially coincident interfaces). None or much smaller glitches between the interfaces where they intersect.
    • General Model Builder:
      • New interface edit function: Merge, Smooth, and Resample.
    • From 2D model to 2.5D model and from Many 2D models to 3D models:
      • Max allowed number of samples in the 2D general line definition is increased to 10000.


  • Workflows
    • Fixed crash in the Seismogram Generator workflow when trying to plot shot dependent working box.
    • Introduced a new parameter: ‘Wavefront Analysis Level’ in the WF tracing advanced parameters.
    • Introduced a message in the Batch Monitor window if some parts of the initial disc have been stopped during the wavefront propagation.
    • Improved distribution of shots among the jobs in the Batch Wavefront Tracer.
    • Fixed ‘Restore Defaults’ option in the Advanced Tracing Parameters window.


  • Kirchhoff modelling
    • Filter attributes in Advanced Greens Function Parameters setup: Preserve Max Offset values along local X/Y-axis.
    • Improved reuse of existing Greens functions.


  • 3D Viewer
    • Fixed crash when displaying reflectivity in a reservoir model without elastic properties.


  • Minor stability fixes and improvements.