NORSAR Software Suite 2022.1 is a new release featuring new functionality, improvements and bug fixes.


  • Disallow using illegal characters in 2D section names. 


  • New Import functionalities: 
    • Import Tigress format property cubes. 
    • Import Esri shape format polygons as polylines. 
  • Wells: New functionality to make a property cube from the velocity or density in a well. 
  • 1D Model Editor: Fixed that Qp and Qs columns were sometimes not editable. 
  • General 3D Model Builder:
    • New function “Fit property between horizon”. 
    • New function to merge property cubes.
    • Fixed that “Cut two interfaces against each other” could only be run once. 
    • Fixed that “Store property” on a new name corrupted the list of material properties. 
    • Improved user control of the function “Extrapolate/Interpolate in property”. 
    • Improved cross section plots of blocks.
  • Kirchhoff Prestack Modelling Workflow:  
    • New functionality: Modelling of registration along a DAS cable. 
    • Fixed that workflows were not correctly copied. 
  • General: Fixed crash when opening a project containing a corrupt NORSAR-3D model. 


  • Eclipse Import: Fixed crash when trying to import a partial model. 
  • Eclipse Import: Fixed user interface issues. 
  • Local-target PSDM Workflow: Fixed potential crash when plotting PSF and/or filter and switching between cases. 
  • Full-field PSDM Workflow: Fixed that PSF, filter and reflectivity were not stored. 

In addition, minor stability fixes and improvements.