NORSAR Software Suite 2022 is a new release featuring several improvements and bug fixes.


  • Fixed crash when plotting petromarkers and using the hot cursor in the 3D viewer


  • Allow for importing multiple polylines in one go
  • Added checkbox for plotting all polylines
  • Fixed crash in Kirchhoff pre-stack workflow setup
  • Fixed seismogram generator workflow sometimes stopping
  • Fixed that blocks and properties were not plotted in some cases in the general model builder
  • Fixed crash when running the NIP tracer workflow
  • Fixed that models were corrupted if property names were too long
  • Fixed crash when resampling a 2D property grid
  • Added warning if a project is located directly on the root of a drive on Windows (e.g D:\) , which can cause various problems


  • Fixed license error in the SeisRoX local target workflow
  • Fixed that it was not possible to export PSFs from the SeisRoX local target workflow

In addition, minor stability fixes and improvements.