NORSAR Software Suite 2023.1 is a new release featuring new functionality, improvements and bug fixes.

Common functions 

  • It is checked that a project is not made at or moved to top level (like C:/). 
  • Hot cursor information is improved for 2D sections in 3D Viewer. 


  • Import: 
    • Axis of symmetry import options include files with Dip and Azimuth of plane orthogonal to the axis of symmetry. 
    • Grid import preview: Improved default folder for input data. 
  • Build models: 
    • 1D -> 3D Model conversion and Single reflector model builder: Amount of smoothing is now independent of unit settings. 
    • Single block model builder: Attenuation Qp can exceed 1000. 
    • Make plane grid: Improved default values. 
    • General Model Builder: Unintentional changes of model limits are prevented. 
    • General Model Builder: Improved user input field for Cross section plots. 
  • The Time-Depth mapping function is correct also when it is made from a time domain velocity field. 
  • Survey:  When editing a survey of Fixed type, the correct panels are shown. 
  • Common shot Batch Wavefront ray-tracer workflow: 
    • Improved status info for surveys with many undefined shots. 
    • Improved message if try to re-trace a shot with no results. 
    • Shots are distributed more evenly among jobs. 
  • Kirchhoff modelling and migration workflows: Default sampling parameters are improved. 
  • Illumination cube workflow: Areal filters can be defined. 
  • Improved unit handling in many functions. 


  • In Eclipse Import, more parameters are checked to determine which cells are active. 
  • CO2 in rocks when using the Span-Wagner option now also works on Linux. 


  • Attenuation Qp is taken from the model, including that it may vary in the subsurface. 
  • The function to save a point set as sensors is now robust, not causing software crash. 
  • VSP surveys can be made also when only NSS MDesign is run. 
  • Help updated with more details. 
  • A new tutorial is available.

In addition, several stability fixes and improvements.