NORSAR Software Suite 2023.2 is a new release featuring new functionality, improvements and bug fixes.


  • Make elements: 
    • Project a polyline onto a model horizon. 
  • Build models: 
    • Single Block model builder: Use attenuation and anisotropy cubes. 
    • Single Reflector model builder: Use attenuation cubes. 
    • Grid Layer Cake model builder: Allow larger attenuation cubes. 
    • More robust construction of a 3D model from 2D lines. 
  • Survey: 
    • Coil survey generator: Correct coil radius also when input unit is not km. 
  • Kirchhoff migration workflow:  
    • Can now also use DAS data from Kirchhoff Modelling or Seismograms made from Wavefront modelling events. 
  • Normal Incidence Point (Zero-offset) workflow:  
    • Improved GUI and Help for setting of shot/receiver depths. 


  • Make time domain model:  
    • Size definition correct also in projects where depth unit is not km. 


  • Selection of sensors: 
    • More flexible ways to enable and disable sensors. 
  • Run workflows: 
    • Warning if the data set is large. 
  • Help: 
    • More advice on computational performance versus number of sensors and target cube nodes. 
    • Improved explanation on how to plot the results from Location Uncertainty workflows. 

In addition, several stability fixes and improvements.