NORSAR Software Suite 2023 is a new major release featuring new functionalities, improvements, and bug fixes. Highlights of the release are a new 3D Point Spread Function workflow, MDesign export functions, a 2D lateral property gradients function and a new dark user interface style. See the list below for details.

Common functions 

  • Reset of settings and selection of Preferences available from the Startup dialog.
  • New style option under Preferences: Dark. 
  • Improved user’s control of the 3D Viewers. 
  • Extensive validation of user-defined input: Maximum name length and valid characters. 
  • File import no longer requires a suffix, that is, a “.” in the filename. 
  • With a single click, switch on/off many elements of common type in the 3D Viewer.  


  • Can make lateral property (Vp, Vs, density, etc.) gradients. 
  • To make 2D model from 1D Model is improved and is more stable. 
  • Improved coordinate info from the Hot Cursor.


  • Supercritical reflections can be filtered or plotted with a separate color in the Interactive Illumination Rays plot and in the Shot-Direction Ray-Tracer. 
  • Improved Max Diving Depth filter in the Illumination Cubes workflow. 
  • Corrected the generation of Time-to-Depth mapping function from a time domain velocity cube. 
  • Polyline import for data in US-feet. 
  • Connection to Mesa 17.


  • New workflow to compute Point Spread Functions (PSFs) only. 
  • Improved progress report when workflows are running. 
  • Improved SEG-Y export of results. 


  • Extensive new export functions and formats. 

In addition, several stability fixes and improvements.