In the modelling project definition window enter the values in the sequence described in the window's help text, in section 2.5 'Easy guide on how...':

  1. Select Mapping rule 'Fixed Step'.
  2. Enter the inline and crossline indices. For each range first enter the 'To' value.
  3. Switch to Mapping rule 'Fixed Indices'.
  4. Enter the steps for inline index and for crossline index. Push 'Layout...', and set Crossline index Increase along local X-axis and Inline index Increase along local Y-axis.
  5. Switch to Mapping rule 'Fixed indices & Step'.
  6. Set local X and local Y. 'To' will automatically be adjusted to the inline-crossline range.
  7. Enter the (X,Y) or Inline/Crossline point and the corresponding X-UTM and Y-UTM point. Optionally enter the Grid Rotation angle.
  8. Push 'Plot coordinate system' to check the definition.
  9. OK or Apply.