If you want to use a job scheduler system on the cluster, the system administrator can configure the batch tracer by editing a user defined job-script. The job-script is used to start the slave job on the remote machine.

  • Configuring the job-script
    • Make a copy of <installed_n3d_path>/bin/scripts_user/TEMPLATE_job.sh 
    • Your copy must be located on the same directory as the template.
    • Edit the last line in the script to this (MOAB example): qsub [ qsub_option(s) ] ${CMD} ${MODULE}
  • Configure the batch tracer to use the script
    • Start the WaveFront Batch Tracer
    • Open the 'Set Machines' window in the Batch tracer
    • Select the remote machine 
    • Select 'Use Advanced Configuration'
    • Select 'Job Script' and push the arrow button
    • Select your job script
    • Close the window and push 'Change Machine' and then OK.

The 'Single Access Check' and the 'Initial Check Access' are not supported for machines which use Advanced Configuration.