On some systems (for example clusters) it is not possible to reach a node with a 'remote shell login' (rsh) command. In these cases the system administrator can configure the batch tracer by editing the user defined script rsh-script. The script is used to execute a command on a remote machine.

Edit the script <installed_n3d_path>/bin/scripts_user/TEMPLATE_rsh to use ssh instead of rsh. The filename must be on the form xxxx_rsh.sh (for example mycluster_rsh.sh) and it must be located at <installed_n3d_path)/bin/scripts_user

See the <installed_n3d_path>/bin/scripts_user/TEMPLATE_rsh script for a detailed description.

To use the script in the batch tracer, do the following:

  • Open the 'Machines Setup' window in the Batch Master and select ‘Machines…’
  • Select the remote machine
  • Select 'Use Advanced Configuration'
  • Select 'Rsh Script' and push the arrow button
  • Select the xxxx_rsh.sh script (for example mycluster_rsh.sh)
  • Select OK and then OK in the ‘Set Machines ‘ window. You will now see that the script is listed in the machine list.

Please note that the 'Single Access Check' and the 'Initial Check Access' are not supported for machines that use Advanced Configuration.

In addition you must setup a password free ssh login for your user:

  • make an empty passphrase with the command: ssh-keygen –t dsa
  • append key to authorized keys: cat .ssh/id_dsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys
  • update known_hosts for each node: ssh user@hostXX