Version 5.4.2 adds new functionality to the Model Builder for using a polygon as area-of-interest for surface editing. In addition minor improvements, stability fixes and bug fixes.

Model Builder

  • New functionality to draw a polygon on an interface, and smooth the part that is inside.
  • New functionality to draw a polygon on an interface, and remove the vertices that are inside/outside.
  • During interactive block/horizon definition, a red marker indicates when cursor position can be used.
  • During interactive block/horizon definition, lines are drawn between the interfaces that belong to the block/horizon that is currently defined.
  • Interface intersection menus are put in a single menu for faster response if user cancels the process.
  • Improved interface intersections to avoid creation of many tiny interfaces if the same interfaces are intersected repeatedly.
  • Removed flip of the positive direction of the interface normal within an interface, which could appear in some rare cases.

Illumination Map

  • Fixed issue that default color maps were not available in the function rendering dialog, and that color functions could not be found.
  • Fixed issue that Trimesh IMGs could not be created in IMG setup.
  • Fixed issue that if there are several ray codes in the selected event set, one is selected by default, which caused confusion. Now a dialog for selecting ray codes pops up.

Common Shot Wavefront Tracer

  • Fixed issue that when "Event Attribute Storing Option" set to "Synthetic Seismogram" in Common Shot Wavefront Tracer, the "Ray Normal Vector at Receiver" wasn't stored, which is necessary if the "Chosen Direction" is selected by the Seismogram Generator.

Flower Plot

  • Fixed issue that generation failed when another ray code than dirP or dirS was selected.