Version 5.4.4 contains important stability improvements for the Illumination Map Batch.

Model Builder

  • Improved handling of very small interfaces when a model is stored.
  • Using less memory in some cases when a model is loaded.

Wavefront Tracer

  • More robust wavefront propagation through models with very large velocity contrasts.
  • More efficient wavefront propagation through very complex models.
  • Including attenuation attributes when selecting IMAP-SMA event attribute settings.

Illumination Map

  • Improved filter options.
  • Fixed handling if S-wave, when not using SMA.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Illumination Map Batch

  • Added improved auto-stop of server, if idle.
  • Fixed no (or very slow) progress update in the generation of jobs, causing the system to suspect connection problems and crashes. This could happen when the event set was strongly filtered.
  • Fixed bug causing merging of sub results never to start.
  • Fixed bug causing the master to wrongly stopping slave jobs. This could happen if a job crashed.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

In addition other stability fixes, minor improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.