Version 5.4.5 contains important stability improvements for the Illumination Map Batch and FlowerPlot. In addition other stability fixes, minor improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Trimesh Import

  • Vertices (VRTX) with index 0 will be ignored during import. Warning will be given.

Wavefront Tracer

  • Increased maximum legal ray-tracing velocity from 20 km/s to 40 km/s.

Illumination Map

  • IMAP setup
    • Fixed problems setting registration direction type.
    • Fixed error when selecting template IMG with no target horizons.
    • Remember last used mapping domain when opening the setup dialog the second time.
    • Warning if IMG setup will lead to high memory consumption in generation.
  • IMAP generation
    • Prevent crash of Illumination Map module if the generation process crashes.
    • Fixed problems on S-velocity projection. Normalization of slowness vector.
    • Improved stability and minor improvements.


  • Fixed serious indexing bug in CRP subselection.
  • Fixed bug causing discrete behavior of tolerance angles for event pair matching.