Version 5.4 introduces a new Illumination Map batch system which enables parallel generation of illumination maps on a cluster or a heterogeneous network of computers. In addition the Model Builder is extended with new functionality to do time-depth conversion.

Cube Import

  • Extended with support for symmetry axis used to define TTI anisotropy

Cube Export

  • New option for how to write inline/crossline information

Survey Import

  • Reduced memory requirements when using Point Indices sub selection when importing SPS survey files

Model Builder

  • New functionality to perform time-depth conversion by vertical stretching

Wavefront Common Shot Tracer

  • Minor user interface improvements

Illumination Map

  • Improved user interface for interactive generation of IMAPs
  • New batch system for parallel generation of IMAPs

Illumination Map Utility

  • Improved handling of missing data, so it will continue combining data even if some data are missing

Flower Plot

  • More efficient anisotropic calculations
  • Minor bug fix regarding handling of normal vectors

In addition, stability fixes, minor improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.