Version 5.5.2 contains new functionality in the Model Builder, important stability fixes, minor improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Survey Import

  • New option ‘Use All Point Indices’. The Point Index will be used together with the ‘Line Name’ and ‘Point Number’ to identify a shot/receiver pair.

Model Builder

  • Compute polygons which delineate coincident areas on interfaces.  To be used in combination with the ‘Cut by polylines’-function to  remove duplicated parts of interfaces (‘zero-thickness’ areas).
  • Decimation of interfaces. Reduces adaptively the number of triangles used to represent interfaces, with no significant change in shape.
  • Fill in all small holes on interfaces.
  • In Cross sections, new options:
    • Set line width for the interfaces.
    • Optionally plot black ribbons along the interfaces where no block/horizon is assigned.
  • Fixed reloading model issue
  • The ’Adaptive’ option in the iso-surface computation is removed. In some cases the computed iso-surface was strange and wrong.
  • Corrected the Simplify polyline function. A bug prevented use of simplified polylines in other functions, even though the polylines looked ok.

Illumination Map

  • Fixed crash with error message ‘Unknown color mapping function’

Illumination Map Batch

  • More robust parallel processing handling