Version 5.5 introduces new tools for survey planning and illumination studies based on Illumination Ray (IRAY) concept. In addition a new fully integrated 3D viewer with the ability to plot all data objects in a NORSAR project is introduced. The viewer is the first step to bring NORSAR-3D into the new NORSAR Seismic Modelling platform. This framework is already used for SeisRoX. Included in the release are also major improvements in the Model Builder: The ability to make a 3D model from a set of 2D lines, and a more robust handling of interface intersection. Other modules are also improved, see below.

FlexLM license

  • Upgraded to FlexNet 11.10

Project Manager

  • Warning given if values are not reasonable

File Manager

  • Handling of new data objects: Point Set, Polyline, IRAY Green’s Functions


  • Import wavelet on ASCII file format

Cube Export

  • Fixed bug causing wrong export unit

Survey Import

  • Improved handling of large SPS files
  • Optimized memory allocation
  • Fixed bug causing undefined values in survey files

Survey definition

  • A new survey generator is introduced with functionality to define more general surveys including coil surveys
  • Survey CMP fold maps and azimuth/offset coverage maps are introduced in the Viewer
  • Survey azimuth/offset coverage polar plots are introduced in the Viewer

Model Builder

  • Load project grids as properties
  • Store interfaces/horizons as project grids
  • Improved memory handling in iso-surface construction
  • Improved interface curvature calculations when a  model is stored as a  ‘model ready for ray-tracing’
  • Tools to build 3D models from 2D lines
  • Handle arbitrary 2D lines (models from NORSAR-2D)
  • Improved interface intersections
  • Load/Store/Make polylines
  • Make interfaces from polylines
  • Make constant gradient material properties
  • Hot cursor option
  • Rotate/Translate/Zoom are available during interactive editing (with ‘(M)’-functions)
  • Display of UTM axis introduced

Viewer - NEW

  • Complete new module with advanced functionality to display all data objects in a NORSAR project, including IMAPs, FPLOTs and survey fold maps
  • View thumbnail of Flower Plots located in 3D
  • Backward compatible with previous NORSAR-3D versions

Illumination Ray - NEW (available from Viewer)

  • Option for interactive click & shoot of direct rays
  • Option for interactive click & shoot of illumination rays (rays obeying Snell’s law)
  • Introducing three IRAY applications (workflows) for target point studies:
    • Target Based: Study the incident ray angles that can be realized at a target
    • Shot Based: Study where to locate receivers given shot positions
    • Survey Based: Study the ray coverage at a target point for a given survey

Common Shot Wavefront Tracer

  • Introduced rotated shot centered working box option giving reduced processing time
  • Improved re-tracing
  • Improved handling of rough/complex property fields
  • Improved handling of shots located in undefined property fields
  • Some user interface improvements

Illumination Map

  • New option for geometrical spreading correction (true amplitude)
  • Advanced IMAP display in the new Viewer

Illumination Map Batch

  • Handle unlimited number of licenses
  • New option for local parallel mode
  • Improved GUI

In addition stability fixes, minor improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.