Version 5.6.1 is a maintenance release with improvements in functionality and some minor bugfixes.

Illumination Map

  • Workaround to prevent crash of imap viewer on some VNC based system, by optionally embedding a 5.4.5 viewer into Illumination Map
  • Illuminate both sides of illumination maps to avoid blacked out surfaces
  • Display and export DEPTH and DIP maps. Not available for 5.4.5 illumination map viewer
  • Possible to turn off standard SMA illumination maps and still generate other SMA maps
  • Post-critical angle filter in the Illumination map setup
  • More informative mapping domain names in Illumination Map setup

Illumination Map Utility

  • DEPTH and DIP maps can be used in Function Operator

lllumination Map - Batch

  • Handle when file system and batch server machine have unsynchronized clocks
  • Show log window when starting batch process

3D Viewer

  • Enable interactive clipping of SeisRoX horizon models
  • Fix crash when plotting horizon models with large densely sampled horizons
  • Fix crash when plotting seismic data with name containing "."

Cube Import

  • More robust analysis of densely sampled rotated SEGY cubes

Common shot Wavefront Tracer

  • Added Total reflection/Transmission loss as standard attribute to store for Default, Illumination Map and Illumination Map – SMA selections
  • Improved handling of filtering of post-critical rays for converted waves

Model Builder

  • New button Come to me <M> in cross section view to click on a position to position the cross section at that position
  • Improved model validation

Event Extractor 

  • Add filter options on survey parameters

IRAY Export

  • Enable to export parameters to ASCII file

In addition minor bug fixes and improvements.