Version 5.6.2 is a bugfix release with some minor additions in functionality.

Model Builder

  • Extended check when a model is stored. Warning is shown if:
    • There is no impedance contrast across an interface
    • A property grid/cube is undefined along an interface that is used in the definition of the corresponding block
    • The velocity gradient is very large close to an interface
  • Project an interface down on interfaces and/or polygons
    • Option for vertical projection
  • Store interfaces:
    • By default curvatures are no longer calculated (like in TriMesh import)

TriMesh Import

  • Can now have more than one interface on an input ".ts" file. The interfaces must be separated by the "TFACE" statement
  • Much faster import of large interfaces, because, as default, curvatures are no longer calculated. (Curvatures are only needed if the interfaces are to be used in "Model Assembler")

Survey Generator

  • Added new VSP survey types
    • Walk-around
    • Walk-away
    • Shot grid

Event Extractor

  • Add filter options on event parameters

In addition minor bug fixes and improvements.