Version 5.7.2 is a maintenance release with improvements in functionality and stability mainly in the Model Builder, VSP Survey Generator, Wavefront Tracer and Cube Import.

In addition it includes a new SEGY Property Import module and important bug and stability fixes.

SEGY Property Import - NEW

  • New import module for SEGY properties and 3D seismic cubes.

VSP Survey Generator

  • Fixed a bug for VSP Walk Around spiral surveys, where the spiral didn't have the correct distance between shots and number of shots.

Model Builder

  • Corrected bug that resulted in very uneven smoothing of property cubes if the cube sampling steps in the three directions were very different. Most commonly, the cubes where smoothed as expected in the x- and y-directions, while there was almost no smoothing in the z-direction. Now smoothing is even in the three directions.
  • Much faster 'Loading of property grid as interface', especially for large property grids.

Common shot and NIP Wavefront Tracers

  • Option to store up to a user specified number of events per ray code, independent of the number of events for the other ray codes.