Version 5.7 introduces full 64-bit support, meaning that applications no longer have an upper limit of 2 GB data use.

It also includes a new Kirchhoff Prestack Modelling workflow and a reflectivity viewer where reflectivity can be plotted as a function of incident angle, and a 2D SEGY previewer for simple inspection of external SEGY files.

In addition it includes important bug and stability fixes.


  • 64 bit support

Wavefront Batch Tracer

  • Initial memory check on remote hosts to avoid filling up physical memory by tracer processes

Kirchhoff Prestack Modelling - NEW

  • New workflow to generate synthetic prestack Seismic based on the Kirchhoff process.


  • Display NORSAR-3D prestack seismic results
  • Display Kirchhoff prestack seismic results
  • Memory monitor tool
  • Added option to load and store camera settings
  • Added reflectivity viewer

2D Segy previewer - NEW

  • Simple display of external Segy files

Model Builder

  • Mesh refinement when storing a model as a SeisRoX/Kirchhoff
  • Improved stability

Kirchhoff and Illumination Map - Batch

  • Memory monitor for remote machines
  • Support Kirchhoff modelling jobs as well as illumination map jobs

In addition minor bug fixes and improvements.