This release includes bug and stability fixes and minor improvements.

Project handling

  • Fixed bug that project could not be reverted
  • Fixed bug causing progress bar hang if a plotted horizon was reverted


  • Fixed bug in handling of undefined values which caused that calculation of derived properties failed (for example Vp from Slowness)


  • Fixed path bug in Survey Generator which caused that nothing happened when OK was pressed


  • Fixed bug in reflectivity mapping which could cause holes in the reflectivity on interfaces
  • Fixed bug in Angle Range summation
  • Fixed bug in property mapping of overhang structures
  • Improved reflectivity mapping of overhang structures
  • Seismic sub grids are now stored for each angle interval
  • Reflectivity can be set constant for the Angle Range option
  • Result info now shows IVEC percent per angle range
  • Summation of filter and reflectivity sub grids is done during workflow and not during visualization
  • More robust handling of NORSAR-3D GF files
  • Cross Section viewers will be closed when changing workflow
  • Fixed processing timer