This release contains minor improvements, stability fixes and bug fixes.

SEGY export

  • Option to override inline/crossline indices from project

Time-Depth conversion

  • Added progress bar


  • Different workflows can be run in parallel on the same project
  • Fixed use of Eikonal solver in background model
  • Improved Illumination vector data file handling to allow moving of projects
  • Allow reuse of Illumination vectors calculated using NORSAR-3D background models
  • Improved error messages when using NORSAR-3D background models
  • Prevent space in user defined filenames
  • Removed background type a la “(N3D)” from result file names

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Copy missing rock solid file when copying rocks between projects
  • Improved reflectivity sampling for target cubes with different sampling in different directions
  • Handling of undefined values in grid data files (Sgrh)
  • 2DViewer uses same colour maps as 3DViewer
  • 2DViewer bug fixes
  • Fixed memory leakage in 3DViewer