This release includes the new functionality:

  • 1D time convolution
  • Use of SeisRoX models as background models
  • A completely new 2D Viewer for cross section display
  • In addition many bug fixes, stability fixes and minor improvements

Project handling

  • Fixed bug that project could not be converted to 2.0
  • Improved process logging


  • New function: Derive TVD from MD
  • New function: Derive TWT using a Time-Depth function
  • New function: Derive VP from TWT
  • Improved import of deviated wells
  • Possible to plot wells in the Time 3D Viewer


  • New: Support for time surfaces (import, convert depth/time, plotting)


  • More efficient handling of large surveys


  • New: Display includes plot of modulus and phase in the frequency domain


  • New option to use a SeisRoX model as background model using an eikonal solver for travel time calculations. This makes it possible to use more complicated background models directly in SeisRoX without using NORSAR-3D to calculate overburden effects
  • New workflow: Standard 1D time convolution
  • New time to depth conversion option

2D Viewer

  • New 2D Viewer for cross-section plots
  • Option for wiggle line plots
  • Option to blend two sections into a dual plot
  • Options to set scaling, legend, colour mapping, and making snapshots