Version 3.0.1 is a maintenance release with improvements in functionality and bugfixes.


  • Crash when reading large Illumination Vector files fixed
  • Minor validity check problem for SeisRoX Full-field workflows fixed
  • Minor improvements in Full-field process error messages
  • More robust full-field process (e.g., option to limit number of parallel processes)
  • Full-Field N3D background model process fix to avoid unnecessary re-tracing

3D Viewer 

  • Enable interactive clipping of SeisRoX horizon models
  • Fixed crash when plotting horizon models with large densely sampled horizons
  • Fixed crash when plotting seismic data with name containing "."
  • Small modifications in Full-field PSF display
  • Improved update of model horizon display after a model has been edited

Cube Import and Seismic Import

  • More robust analysis of densely sampled rotated SEGY cubes
  • Fixes in file information preview for large SEGY cubes

Survey Generator

  • Added option to generate new surveys: Project shots/receivers onto surfaces

In addition, minor bug fixes and improvements.