Version 3.0.2 is a maintenance release with a focus on improving data import and upgrading the general rock physics framework: 

CO2 is introduced as an additional fluid to be handled by rocks in order to estimate elastic properties of reservoir models. 

Import of reservoir models from various sources is now facilitated by a newly established Petrel link that supports efficient data exchange between SeisRoX and Petrel. 

Import of seismic or property cubes in SEG-Y format is significantly improved by a new import module that applies a new generation of the automatic topology analyser and allows for trace header review, selection, and scaling. 

In addition, bug and stability fixes as well as minor improvements were done, such as adding maximum frequency information to generated wavelets in order to facilitate workflow setup and result analysis.

Rock Builder

  • CO2 as a fully integrated additional fluid in rocks. Setup of rocks now allows for including information on CO2 content, which may have strong impact on the derived elastic properties.

Petrel plugin - NEW

  • Efficient model exchange between SeisRoX and Petrel

Upgraded SEG-Y import

  • Much improved import of seismic or property cubes.
  • New generation of the automatic topology analyser.
  • SEG-Y trace header review, selection and scaling.


  • Maximum frequency information added to generated synthetic wavelets.

Reflectivity Viewer - NEW

  • Added new reflectivity viewer where reflectivity can be plotted as a function of incident angle.

1D Model Editor

  • Added visualization of the model being edited.