This release is a major update of SeisRoX. It introduces the Full-field workflow for PSDM simulation of large reservoir models using spatially varying Points Spread Functions.

The built-in parallel processing capabilities together with the 64-bit architecture makes it feasible to perform large simulations on a laptop.

The release also introduces functionality to import surveys (SPS, P1/90, and ASCII), a new VSP walk above survey generator, a wavelet ASCII import and a synthetic wavelet generator. In addition bug and stability fixes and minor improvements.


  • A new Full-field workflow for PSDM simulation of large reservoir models
  • Built-in parallel processing capabilities
  • Redefined workflow categories:
    • Local-target PSDM simulator (previously part of SeisRoX workflows)
    • Full-field PSDM Simulator (new)
    • Utility (previously part of SeisRoX workflows)

Survey Import

  • Support for import of ASCII, SPS and P1/90 surveys

Survey Generator

  • A new VSP walk-above survey generator using imported wells


  • New ASCII wavelet import
  • New synthetic wavelet generator


  • New analytic surface generator

Seismic Data

  • Import and display of seismic cubes for comparison with modelled data


  • FlexNet 11.11 support


  • 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and Windows support